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Zachary Elsea Comments on Possible Sacha Baron Cohen Suit in Hollywood Reporter, Radio Interview

Zachary Elsea’s guest column on possible legal action against comedian Sacha Baron Cohen over his latest project was published in The Hollywood Reporter on July 18, 2018. Additionally, Zachary was invited to appear as a guest on the radio show Barely Legal with Joe Escalante to provide his insight on the topic. In both the article and radio interview, Zachary opines on whether the interviewees who claimed they were “duped” while appearing on “Who Is America?”, such as Republican politicians Sarah Palin and Roy Moore, would have a chance prevailing against Baron Cohen in court. Zachary explains that, as demonstrated by past lawsuits over Borat and Brüno, Palin and Moore would face an uphill battle, as Baron Cohen would likely be protected by any release forms signed by the politicians, as well as the First Amendment.

To read the full article, click here.

To listen to Zachary’s interview on Barely Legal, click below.