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Zachary Elsea Quoted in USA Today on Borat 2 and Rudy Giuliani

Zachary Elsea was recently asked by USA Today to comment on whether Rudy Giuliani has any legal recourse after being featured in a compromising scene of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Borat sequel. According to Zach, it would be unlikely given that Baron Cohen has been sued before and has never lost in court.

“The agreements and standard waivers usually bar lawsuits at an early stage, usually they’re tossed at the motion-to-dismiss stage and few make it past that,” said Zach. “I’m not aware of anyone getting a money judgment over any of Cohen’s antics.”

“It’s an uphill battle,” he added. “Slander and libel and defamation are notoriously difficult for public figures to prove.”

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